CornCarpet: Carpet Made From Corn

CornCarpet: Carpet Made From Corn

Rated in the Top 25 green flooring products!

What makes CornCarpet unique? Aside from the fact that it is made from corn. CornCarpet has stain resistant properties built in to the fiber. The durability is also superior to most carpets available today.

What is the Process? The process begins with the growth of corn. This corn is not the type of corn that you would typically eat. The corn kernels are converted into corn starch. This process then takes a special turn by adding special elements and through a process the corn is then able to polymerize into a bio-plastic. The material is then able to be pushed into an extruder and hair like polymers exit the machine. These polymers are then able to be spun into yarns. Most carpet is plastic, what makes this special is that the plastic is bio based. We call this fiber a Purlon (TM) Corn Polymer.

Is the complete carpet bio-plastic? No, the construction of the carpeting requires other types of materials to be used. Such as the latex is used as a glue to assemble the carpet, the primary and secondary backing is plastic and used to stitch the carpet and to allow the carpet to be installed properly.

What is the difference between CornCarpet and other bio-based floors? We prefer to promote all types of bio-based products. Each carpet and each floor should be looked at individually and based on your personal situation.  CornCarpet has many different styles and qualities and so does many other bio-based carpets. We are careful to create only mid to high quality carpets. So we do not make apartment / base grade carpets.

What is the Stain Resistance? CornCarpet is very stain resistant to most common stains such as food, oil, dirt, grease, etc.  Some types of stains can so damage to the backing but not the surface fibers, such as urine, paint thinners and items such as these. These would normally not do damage to the carpet, but in a larger quantity or if allowed to sit for an extended period of time it could break down the latex in the backing.

What is the Wear Resistance? When comparing different carpet fibers we have found that Purlon (TM) Corn Polymers allow for wear resistance that is superior to a similarly constructed nylon. We have found that it has a performance level of a wool fiber without the problems associated with wool.